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How To Download 7/12 Extract Online For Any Property In Maharashtra?

This is the simple step-by-step article about how to download 7/12 extract online for any property located in Maharashtra. The 7/12 extract is the basic document pertaining to any land property held in Maharashtra (Except Mumbai). It is the most important land document that shows the details about the land and its owner. Locally known as ‘saat bara cha utara’ or ‘seven twelve extract’, it signifies who the actual owner of the land is. Other than that it also displays a lot of crucial information about the property.

What is the 7/12 extract?

The 7/12 extract is a document that is issued in Maharashtra (Except Mumbai) by the revenue department. It is usually issued by the local Talathi at the rural level and the Tehsildar at the district level. It shows the details about the owner of the land, the types of crops that are cultivated, details about the previous owner and any mutations (known as ‘ferfar’ in Marathi) in the register, if there is any loan against the property from any bank and a lot of other useful information pertaining to the land.

Although this document alone is not the only proof of clear title of any land but it is the most important document that a land owner can have to prove his title. If you plan on buying or selling any land in Maharashtra then the 7/12 extract is the first document that you need to consider looking at.

Where can I get the Original 7/12 Extract Of A Land?

You can get the 7/12 extract of a land property from the respective talathi office. This is where you get the original copy that is printed from the revenue department’s system and then the talathi gives you his/her signature and stamp on the same. This document is the ‘origianl 7/12 extract’.

Depending on for what purpose you need the 7/12 extract, you can get the original from the talathi office or you can simple download the copy online. Please bear in mind that the copy that you download online is not considered as the ‘original’ and may not be accepted at some places (for example when you are selling the land parcel, you need to attach the origianl 7/12 extract and not the downloaded copy)

How to download 7/12 extract online

how to download 7/12 extract online
Screenshot of the official Maharashtra Govt portal to download the 7/12 extract

How to download 7/12 extract online is a pretty simple task and it is the information that is available in public domain. You can download and view the 7/12 extract of any property. You need not be the owner or any official, your 7/12 extract is available online for anyone to download for free without any fees.

To download the 7/12 extract online, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go the official Maharashtra Government’s ‘Bhulekh Mahabhumi’ Website https://bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in

Step 2: Select the correct option in the dropdown list and click on ‘Go’

Step 3: Select 7/12 from the two available options (the other option is the 8 A record that you can also download from here)

Step 4: Select the correct district from the dropdown list

Step 5: Select the ‘taluka’ and then the ‘village’

Step 6: In this step you can choose the detail that you have with you. It could be the ‘Survey Number’ or the ‘Gat number’ or ‘First name’, ‘Last name’, etc

Step 7: All the available records will be displayed in the dropdown list. Simply choose the one that you require, enter your mobile number and click on ‘View 7/12’ (7/12 Paha)

Step 8: At the last step, you need to verify the captcha and then the 7/12 extract will be displayed on your screen.

To save this document, you can easily convert it into PDF for later use.

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