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The Realty Review is an informational website published by Amanco Realtors Pvt Ltd. We aim at providing honest facts and unbiased opinions about the real estate market in India.
With it's roots in Pune, we are quickly becoming a preferred choice of realty advice and information for all property seekers who want to make an informed decision about buying a property.

What is The Realty Review?

The Realty Review is an online magazine that aims to provide some of the most useful information to a property buyer. Nowadays, there is a lot of information available online about the properties that you are searching for but it may not be updated, true or unbiased.

There are many websites that could be providing false or inaccurate information that might stop you from making an informed decision about buying the right property. Moreover, even if you find the right information, you may not be fully aware of what to do with it.

Thus, our goal is to provide you not only with information but also our unique methodology that we have developed to analyse various projects in the market.

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What Can You Expect in
'The Realty Review'

We publish a number of articles based on through research. These articles range from topics like project reviews to real estate knowledge.


If you are looking at a upcoming real estate project to buy your new home or for investment, take a look at our project reviews and featured projects.


We feature the well established and upcoming property developers in India. We are the first real estate magazine in India to give unbiased reviews about property developers.

Realty Knowledge

Are you confused about the terminology and the jargon of real estate. With 'Realty Knowledge' we try to bridge that gap and keep you informed about this.

Realty News

Stay updated with the latest happenings in the real estate market. We publish news and updates about the latest projects, infrastructure and developments.

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'The Realty Review'

Tonnes of exclusive and original content about the real estate sector in India.

Project Details & Reviews

Get reviews and details about the hottest projects in the market. Our reviews are in-depth and through the point.

Developers Profile & Reviews

Need to know more about a property developer? We publish the profiles and reviews about the existing and new property developers in the city.

Buyer's Guides

Buying a property could be an overwhelming task. Thus, we have compiled a handbook of information which you can refer before buying a property.

Expert Opinions

Through our years of expertise in the real estate market, we publish our takes on a variety of topics involved.

Realty Jargon

This is another exclusive feature that we have where we provide you with an explanation about some terms or jargon in real estate that you may not be aware of.

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Follow us to stay updated about the updates and current status of the various infrastructure projects going on in the city.

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